Medterra Reviews – How this CBD Oil has helped me get my life back

I’ve been very active most of my life. From 2001  till early this year I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  I competed in my first bodybuilding/figure competition at 51 years of age. I had so much energy, it was hard for the young ones to keep up with me.

After my competition in 2014, I did not gently get back to eating “normal.” I was so hungry from depleting myself from any and all fun food for so long that I started scarfing on foods I should not have. I was warned not to do that. I swelled up like a puffer fish. Well, not quite that bad, but I did swell up. Off and on I would go between eating real clean, and not.

Within a short period of time, I started to feel a lot of pain in my joints, especially my knees. They were swollen all the time. I kept teaching my fitness classes, adding insult to injury and developed arthritis/degeneration in my knees. In fact through it all I discovered I had arthritis in my low back, my neck and my hands as well.

I finally gave up teaching fitness classes, way too late.

In the last few years I’ve been on a mission to find natural methods to decrease pain and inflammation in my joints.

One of my favorite and most effective natural treatments thus far is Medterra CBD oil. It has helped me tremendously.

Stay tuned as I add my experience to the Medterra reviews out there and fill you in on how this CBD oil has helped me get my life back.

Does it get you high or stoned?

No. The component in the hemp or cannabis plant that makes you high or stoned is called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ). The plant that is used for THC is bred to be high in THC and happens to be low in CBD. The plants that are used for their CBD content are very low in THC. Check out my article that explains this in greater detail.

                                              How I came upon Medterra

CBD oil tinctures

We sell it in the chiropractic office I work in. We carry all the different potencies of tincture as well as the lotions. I didn’t start using it until one day, I was having a particularly painful day. My nerves were on fire. I felt desperate to try something that would help me feel better. It took a few days after I started using it to notice the effect. It helped me so much, I was amazed. It actually helped me more as time went along. The nerve pain was gone completely and the joint pain significantly decreased.

How much do you use

The potency and dosage are dependent on each person’s body. When I first tried it, I was in a lot of pain so I went for the highest potency, 3000mg/bottle. Next bottle I bought was a lower potency, 1000 mg and I went through it much faster. I go with the recommended dosage on the bottle and then modify it as needed. My recommendation to first timers is to first try a lower potency to see if it works for you and then if it doesn’t, get a higher potency next time you purchase. Most people with pain issues seem to do best with the highest potency. You can’t go wrong with buying the higher potency because you can always use less and it’s more cost effective.

When you first start taking the CBD, it’s recommended that you double up on the dosage for the first 4 days, then back off to the recommended dosage on the bottle.

What has worked for me is to take it in the morning after I’ve eaten something and then take my second dosage about 10 to 12 hours later.

What Products does Medterra Offer

CBD Gel Capsules

All their products are GMO free with Zero THC. They have sub lingual (under the tongue) tinctures in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg bottles. CBD oil Capsules, Various CBD infused supplements and they have CBD for pets.

Check out  Medterra CBD

Use the !5% off discount code, DRDINA if you decide to purchase.

Ventured out to try something new

Recently I met with a rep from a supplement company whose supplements I recommend to my patients as well as for my own healing, who shared with me that the line had a new hemp oil supplement that he’s had great results with and he wanted me to try it. So, earlier this week, I ordered some. It comes in perles (like vitamin E) not tincture and the potency is not labeled. There’s no way to know how much CBD is in there.

I was so excited to try the supplement so in the afternoon I took the amount he recommended (Did not take my Medterra CBD) and I did not have that feeling of calm that I normally experience with the CBD oil, so after a couple hours I took some more. No change. Next morning I woke up feeling more than my usual pain, so I took the recommended dose (2 perles) plus one. No change in my symptoms. I also suffer from anxiety and I was feeling that anxious feeling in my chest.

As the day wore on I was feeling worse. In fact, the nerve pain was coming back with a vengeance. In the late afternoon I took the second dose of 3 perles for that day. By the time I came home from walking my dogs I was hurting more. I was experiencing increased nerve pain, low back and neck pain, and my knees were swollen. I knew that whatever it was that Medterra CBD oil was doing for me, this new hemp oil supplement was not doing. Before bed, I went  back on my Medterra CBD regimen as I always had previously and 4 days later the nerve pain is gone and I no longer feel anxious.

Another great benefit about CBD oil is that there are no side effects. I just feel normal. When I used Ibuprofen for pain, in order for it to do me any good I’d have to take 600 – 800 milligrams. The pain would go away but it tore my stomach up so bad, it just wasn’t’t worth it.

What else is out there

I have done a lot of research on CBD oil. Goodness knows there is so much information out there about it.  There are isolates (CBD only), Full spectrum oils that contain many of the other components of the Cannabis plant, minus the THC and there are CBD oils that do contain THC.  All have healing properties however work a little differently and are more effective with some conditions.

Medterra Products

Why try something new if what I’m using works? Well, I’d like to help people learn from my experience. If I find a product that might work as well or better, then I’d like to share that. It’s good to have options. However, one thing that I find is that one brand might work better for me, but another brand might work better for you.

Check out my Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil review coming up soon.

In fact, the Hemp Oil Complex by Standard Process that I tried and had no results with may not have helped me but it may work great for someone else.

Since CBD oil is new on the market and there is no regulation on it yet, it makes it difficult to know which one works best. That’s why I feel it necessary to share my experience with you.


In my experience I can wholeheartedly recommend Medterra CBD oil for pain and anxiety.

Consistency is of the utmost importance. To have the best results, I find that you need to have the CBD in your system all the time so that it works most effectively.

I hope my addition to the Medterra reviews has been helpful.

Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve tried CBD oil, which brands you’ve used and what your experience is with it. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you’d like to check out my other article on CBD oil, here’s the link.

Oh, and do remember to use the discount code DRDINA for a 15% discount on your first order with Medterra if you decide to purchase


14 Replies to “Medterra Reviews – How this CBD Oil has helped me get my life back”

  1. Hello Dr Dina,

    I have just read your article of Medterra Reviews – How this CBD Oil has helped me get my life back, thank you so much for your article, you have shared your experience here and informed us that, cbd oil is a very effective medicine for pain and anxiety. i would like to get one soon and i will share this with friends. best regards.

    1. Hi Tawhid,  Thanks for visiting my site.  I’m glad you enjoyed the post.  Thanks for spreading the word.

      All the Best to you,


  2. Thank you for a very timely article. I am a fibromyalgia sufferer currently on 27 tablets per day, and rising. As with yourself up to a few years ago I was extremely active. more recently though the Fibro (which I have known about for a number of years) has started to get a grip of me, and no matter how much pain relief i take I can’t seem to get to grips with it.

    My gradual increase in meds has bothered me a lot over the past couple of years, I have gone from not taking any meds or even supplements to seemingly taking them in hand fulls. I recently opted to find a way of going drug free to manage my illness and had landede after much research on CBD oil. My next step was to be research leading to the old guinea pig for a while, so imagine my relief when I read your article as you have done much of the donkey work on my behalf.

    1. Hi Adrian, thanks for visiting my site.l . I’m sorry to hear about your struggle with fibromyalgia.  A co-worker of mine who first told me about CBD Oil also suffered from fibromyalgia and found great relied from CBD oil.  I don’t know if you had the opportunity to check out my other post on CBD oil.  You might find it informative.  The link is at the end of this post.

      I wish you all the best with your healing,


  3. Hello Dr Dina. Thank you very much for sharing this article as I have found it very enlightening. Im happy to hear you have had good experiences with Medterra CBD oil. I think the oils are such a powerful natural remedy to many sicknesses and ailments. I haven’t had too much experience with oils but I have tried Cbd Sleep and the experience was pretty good. I was curious is this particular oil could used for sleep as well?  Thanks again for sharing this information with us. 

    1. Hi Roxy,

      Thanks for your visit. CBD oil can help with sleep, however, Medterra makes a CBD infused Melatonin that is meant to be the perfect combination for sleep.  

      All the Best,


  4. Hi there, great review. I’m so inspired to hear that you competed in a bodybuilding competition at 51, so awesome!! I’m sorry to hear about your health challenges and the pain you’ve experienced. However, it is great to hear that you found a product that works so well for you. Also, it’s impressive too that you are still exploring other products so that you can share reviews to help others. Good for you!

    1. Thank you for visiting my site Cyndy.  I will keep you all posted on other products I try.

      All the Best,


  5. Dr. Dina, you do such a great job of sacrificing to try new things for us. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I’ve also tried different preparations of CBD with mixed results. I like how Medterra packages its CBD in combination with other ingredients to give a synergistic effect, like helping you wake up for instance.

    I am happy to hear that you found something that works for you as well. Chronic pain sucks, I know from experience, and finding relief can be a chore that makes the pain seem worse at times. I say again, it’s a relief to me and other readers that you have tried variations of CBD and hemp, sometimes costing you pain and suffering, so we don’t have to.

    I’m certainly going to be giving Medterra a try. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for visiting my page Jerimy! You are welcome! All the Best! When you try it, let me know what you think.

      Take Care,


  6. Wow thanks for letting us know about this oil. I have heard other people talk about how good it is, but after reading your story it seems even better than I thought.

    I know a few people who have arthritis, so the fact that youbsaid this oil has helped you a lot will make me want to recommend it to them.

    Now besides anxiety and reducing pain, has this oil been known to have any other benefits like clear up skin conditions but or help kill off germs?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for visiting my site.  In my research I’ve found that people have made claims that it has helped clear up their skin.  I have found that I’ve managed to not get hit by the colds and flu bugs that many around me have been afflicted with this winter season.  Is it the CBD?  Possibly.  A great site that is very comprehensive is  

      Take Care,


  7. This report is good news for sufferers of arthritis and nerve pain.

    Cortico steroids have also been used for some time to treat Arthritis  but can have a bad effect on the stomach.

    We can deduce from this that we have come a long way since then.  However, it would go without saying that one would need to keep a fine balance in using this product as it could lead to a negative dependency thereby negating it’s usefulness.

    1. Hi Robert.  Thanks for visiting my site.  Being a chronic pain sufferer and absolutely needing something to keep the pain under control makes this a perfect alternative to medications that have side effects.  The only negative that I experienced is feeling the chronic pain that exists in my body if I don’t take the CBD, as well as the anxiousness that I refuse to take medication for.  

      Thanks and all the best,


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